The following photos are furnished from an original 1957 Oliver Machinery Brochure/Catalog. They are provided as a photographic reference of complete machines and their accessories.

The Oliver 1957 Brochure/Catalog, consisting of 160 pages, contains all of the machines listed below. For each machine there are numerous detailed photos of the machine, accessories and sharpening devices, full descriptions of the capabilities, capacities, size and weights, full description of accessories, standard equipment, optional equipment and descriptions for use and operation.

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No. 232-D Tilting Arbor Variety Saw Bench
No. 270 Tilting Arbor Precision Saw Bench
No. 88-D Tilting Arbor Miter Saw
No. 260 Double Arbor Universal Tilting Saw Bench
No. 94-D, 94-DH, 94-AD, 94-ADH Straitline Cut-Off Saws
No. 192 Heavy Duty 18" Band Sawing Machine
No. 217 30 inch Band Sawing Machine
No. 116 36 inch Band Sawing Machine
No. 173 Self-Contained Jig Saw
No. 562 Electric Brazer for Band Saw Blades
No. 399 18 inch Single Surface Planer
No. 299 24 inch Single Surface Planer
No. 261 30 inch Single Surface Planer
No. 133 6 inch Hand Planer and Jointer
No. 144 8 inch Hand Planer and Jointer
No. 166 Hand Planer and Jointer
No. 20 Pattern Makers' Lathe
No. 25 Pattern Makers' Lathe
No. 51-D Motor Headstock Lathe
No. 159 Motor Driven Speed Lathe
No. 159-M Metal Spinning Lathe
No. 182 15" Disc Sander
No. 182-DB Combination Disc and Belt Sander
No. 382-DD 20 inch Double Disc Sander
No. 34 Disc and Spindle Sander
No. 183 Reversible Belt Sander
No. 184 Reversible Belt Sander
No. 298 Self-Contained Belt Sander
No. 194-B Vertical Single Spindle Borer
No. 72 Single Spindle Borer
No. 72-DR Pattern Router and Borer
No. 194-D Hollow Chisel Mortiser
No. 91 Vertical Hollow Chisel Mortiser
No. 92 Hollow Chisel Mortiser
No. 125-D Single End Tenoner
No. 285 Variety Shaper
No. 287 Wood Shaper or Variety Moulder
No. 288 Double Spindle Shaper
No. 1 Universal Vise
No. 9 Wood Trimmer
No. 384 Variety Tool Grinder
No. 585 Variety Oilstone Tool Grinder

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